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Using POS (Point of Sale) software to run your business efficiently and meet up your profit. It is a web based and complete retail sales management software specially design for small medium and large sized product and service retailers having single or multiple outlets, go-downs. This software includes various functions for sales, collection inventory receipts & issues using using bar-code scanners, creation and print of bar-codes for items and shelves. Easily setup, manage and grow your business, from one store to many, in the cloud.
User Friendly

It works on Smart Phone, iPad, Mac or PC. All you need is a browser. It may even work with It hardware you already own.

Report Generation

Reports let you easily track customers, payments and sales made both online and in-store. See which products are selling, and which ones aren't.

Remote Access

You can now share your items between multiple locations and maintain inventory separately. You are in total control. You can view reports for each store separately and easily switch stores. Employees can be assigned to 1 or more stores for easy access control


It is customizable. Easily configure features to match your business needs.

Cloud Integration

Sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, product and reports are always available, always safe, and always up to date

Security and Backup

Our online hosted it Software solution guarantees you'll spend more time focusing on what matters. We take care of all your security and backup needs.


We offer excellent technical support. You will never be left stranded with our comprehensive online forum and one-on-one support.

Fully Responsive

100% responsive & support all device

Unique Design

It refers to devices that are capable of displaying more pixels per square inch

SEO Friendly

Managing your site's accessibility for search engines

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